The conditions for the publication of articles in the scientific journals "Live and bio-abiotic systems" determine the criteria for inclusion in the "List of peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications", in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences should be published, and in accordance with the requirements of the international interdisciplinary abstract database SCOPUS.

Mass media registration certificate: ELFS 77 - 68501. DOI: 10.18522/2308-9709

The journal is included in the databases: RSCI, Scholar Google, ISTINA (MSU)

The magazine is published quarterly and works only with individuals.

Publications in the journal are free, peer review is internal.

Download Author Guidelines (zip)

The file contains: the procedure for reviewing, the order of publication, an example of an article, an example of a list of references, an author's reference form.

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